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When she unzipped her coat I could see she had a good bust which was accentuated by the tight white top she was wearing and before she sat down I saw ...hat she had on a knee length, pink skirt and her legs looked pretty good too. All in all she made a good candidate for ‘one more’.As we sat and drank our coffee, she told me her name was Hazel and she lived on the floor above me. We talked about the usual things, the weather, our neighbours, just normal, run of the mill everyday things. I wasn’t. "It may be none of my business, how did you ever get your husband in thatcostume? He is obviously humiliated." Do you really think he is? Good he deserves it. Last weekend we werehaving a backyard pool party and Pat tried to impress his poker buddies,with a sexist joke. He had the audacity to say, "What's worse than a MaleChauvinist Pig? A woman that won't do what she's told!"Sue groaned and thought her husband would never be that insensitive.Veronica elaborated, "My husband has come to. And before he did, I turned away my glance, just looking at him with the corner of my eyes once in a while, as I started kissing Uma again.With the movement of the crowd, our position on the dance floor shifted and I couldn’t see Vikram anymore.Uma was clinging onto me as she danced. Once in a while in between we would kiss. Her pallu had fallen down revealing her fair smooth waist and jutting breasts. Even some of the other guys, dancing with their partners couldn’t help but steal a glance at. Any stray hairs were to be removed with a razor. Whenthis was completed, I was to put 'my panties' back on, as Janet put it,put on the dressing gown that was on the hook behind the bathroom doorand go into Janet's bedroom.I followed the instructions to the letter - I wasn't going to disobey.Janet heard me emerge from the bathroom and ushered me into her bedroom.I was ordered to remove the dressing gown so that she could inspect myefforts at hair removal. After careful examination, she seemed.

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