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SHE WAS 23, HER HUSBAND WAS 27.THEY WERE RENTING A ROOM IN MY PARENTS HOUSE, HE WAS AT WORK PRETTY MUCH THE WHOLE DAY, AND WHEN HE WAS NOT AT WORK, HE...WAS HANGING OUT WITH FRIENDS DRINKING AT THE BAR AROUND THE CORNER FROM WHERE WE LIVEDSHE WAS MOST OF THE TIME HOME, SHE HAD A PART-TIME IN THE AFTERNOONS AND ON HER DAYS OFF WHEN SHE WAS HOME SHE WOULD SPEND HER AFTERNOONS IN THEIR ROOM WATCHING TV OR LISTENING MUSIC, WE WOULD JUST GREET AND THAT'S HOW MUCH WE WOULD TALKMY PARENTS WORKED AND. Her pussy was so wet that its sound was coming out due to hard fucking by Karan . Roma also getting more and more excited and started,” Fuck me yes please fuck me hard yes ohh Karan loving it fucked furiously and then both the bodies felt the best orgasm they ever had their body jerked jerked and jerked and with few very strong strokes Karan ejaculated his load in her womb, “ Wanna have an American child take this I bet u have got a baby today it was wonderful. The words of Karan brought Roma. "Hi, baby," he said as he gathered her into his arms, his fingers moving up and down over the firmly rounded mounds of her buttocks. "How was work today?"Vicki rubbed her pelvis suggestively against his strong male loins, smiling as she felt his cock begin to harden from her lewd movements. "Just fine, darling," she answered. "You got home early." Ummmmmm," he said, pulling her tighter against him. "I've missed you all week, so I decided to quit early today. I called Jake Lester and told him. Soon the pain had gone and Nini slowly copied Krystal by inserting 2 fingers in her hairy pussy. Krystal was lost in pleasure as she pounded her pussy with her fingers while Nini was more gentle on herself getting used to the feel of it. Soon after Krystal screamed with a mind numbing orgasm. Nini was still moving slowly and Krystal said she would help her. Krystal told Nini to stop and that she would insert her own fingers. This turned both girls on very quickly. Krystal was soon pounding.

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