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"Now, understand, I was good at it. I got all kinds of prizes and awards and stuff. But I got to a point where I really wasn't doing much any more bec...use it wasn't much of a challenge, as I saw it. Mom and I talked about it a lot. She critiques my work, even today. She's not an artist, she teaches gynecology. But she has good taste, knows how to evaluate things. I really trust her because her responses are right from the marrow... She kept suggesting I draw the cat. Or a flower. Or anything. I ordered another drink, and started rolling another joint. I didn't see the guy's eyes flashing up and down from my crotch to my breasts. After finishing the joint I noticed that all the drinks were having an effect too.I stood up and walked inside to go to the toilet. Walked to the back of the empty bar, were even the bartender had gone outside. I opened the door to the toilets. Then I suddenly got a hard push. I hit the wall face first, was a bit dizzy, but only for a short time. I felt my. It was’t the usual instruction from Nick, it was from Harry. He wanted to be friends and a little green dot told me he was online now. I accepted and messaged him straight away then waited hoping for a chance to chat with him.“Morning” He said “How are you?”“I’m really happy to be able to chat with you!” I replied.“Sorry I didn’t thank you the other day. It was all new to me and I kind of ran away. I felt guilty afterwards”“You don’t need to apologise” I said “I really really really loved. She is really not like a married one having two kids. She is looking just like 24 or so. Chubby cheeks and a dimple when she smiles are the additional beauty feature of her. Coming to her stats OMG!!! What to say they are 34-30-38 just amazing and her face adds her more beauty and of all.She on the 5th day of our conversation asked me that if I’m free this Saturday. I was on cloud9 and said I’m free. She told that her hubby will go for a business tour and will manage kids. So that we can meet..

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