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The swimsuit I wore to answer the door was a sporty one, quite tight on my body, hugging it very well and felt goodto wear, a blue and black colour. W...ll needless to say the 7 of us had some good fun with them sliding their cocks in and out of my pussy as well as me sucking them off. I decided to take of the swimsuit to begin with to get what I want to first, After I had drained all their lovely hot cum from them for the couple hours of sex, 2 of them had filled my pussy with lovely hot cum, 2. It's just the coolest S&M dungeon in the state," Julie cheered."I don't know, girls," said Kathy tentatively. "I've thinking about being a sexratary instead." A sexratary, yuck," Mia made a face. "Isn't that what nerds do? You know, like convent girls who get their cherries popped and can't be nuns." I know it's not as glamorous as being a dungeon slave or a street walker, but the clothes are cool and you get to work in an office and really get to know the guys you do every day," Kathy. Our bodies lay together in that bed for some time before either one of us decided to move. Our sweat clinging each other to each other.“Jesus, Brian, you really know how to make a woman scream” Kat finally said. “ I guess I’m going to sleep good tonight.”“Ohhh, but I’m not done with you yet, Kat. By my count, you’ve orgasmed three times, and I’ve only gone once. Besides, there are parts of you I haven’t explored yet.”“Like what?” she asked. I answered her question by running my hands along her. She looked up at me and said, “This is the best fucking birthday gift ev…oh oh fuck!” Her moans continued, and I could tell she was about to cum. I grabbed her beautiful tits. I squeezed them and pinched her nipples. It put her over the edge and she came again and again. He pulled his cock out of her wanting pussy. It seemed to let out a grunt of sadness as he exited her. She plopped down onto her stomach and continued to moan while she came back to earth. “Oh my god! I can’t believe I just.

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