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All ur body-parts r nice n beautiful. I like those. I love u v much. I want to see u nude!!No. never. Impossible! I luv my husband!So what? I’m not ...natching you from your hubby. Rather I want to help u to keep ur family! U love him completely; only give me the remainder after giving him all! Show me your naked body, I’ll not touch I swear!Why won’t u touch it? U don’t like that?I’ll not touch if you don’t allow! I will not force you to do anything. Will u show me?. "Then you have to do what I say and what I ask." I didn't really ask him this it was me laying the ground rules. I got up and walked to the couch, pulling off the shirt and letting my naked body out. He was behind me. I sat on the couch and reached for his shorts. "Remember what I said. You do what I ask when I ask, understand?" I pulled his cock from his shorts and slid the head into my mouth. His moan told me that he understood. I engulfed his cock making sure it was wet, before leaning back. She was really starting to admire the easy and chill nature of this kid. She felt ten times closer to her after last night, like they had bonded from the physical affection in some spiritual capacity. "Did you put some sunscreen on at my place dear?” "No, fuck it. I've been using less and less every day since I've been here, I probably don't need any." "Well do you need a bathing suit? I have a spare, you're welcome to go grab it." "Maybe in a bit, I just want to lay here for a spell. I accepted it into my mouth and stroked it with my tongue. I could hear him speaking, but his words meant nothing to me. “You used supersonic or her, didn’t you? Well done Tentacruel! I thought we’d have to torture her and break her the old fashioned way, but this will be much more fun.”The words were so confusing better just to focus on the feeling of the tentacles, deep inside of me, or the tentacle that was now gently stroking me clit, or the interesting feeling of the cock in my mouth..

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