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"Tonksie...Tonksie...Daddy where's Tonksie?!"Emily's hysterical crying drew his eyes through the rain coated windshield to where Tonks stood, a look o... pure consternation on her normally warm face. She darted, arm out, presumably clutching the wand he could not see.What affected him, what jolted him, what sent his foot pressing upon the gas peddle, the wheels spinning, skidding in the watery gravel, was the sense of pure, unadulterated despair that overcame him as he watched her slip in the. I ran my hand up her thigh to her panties and placed my hand on her. She moaned a bit so I held still hoping she wouldn't wake. When nothing happened I began massaging her little pussy thru her panties. I was shocked to feel the dampness that was starting to form on them. I was starting to loose control. With my other hand I started to slowly undo my shorts. My dick was so hard it hurt and I had to free it from the tight confines of my shorts. Once free of my shorts the realization that I. Shit! You knowwhat I mean!" Just how many girls do you think do that Sharon! Not any that I knowof, that's for sure!"He was right and I knew it. We sat there for a bit longer, then hewalked me to my car and I went home. I went in through the kitchen, asquiet as I could be, but mom was napping on the couch and heard me comein. She took one look at me and I started bawling like a baby, holdingher tightly, unable to even talk. She took me to my room and helped meget undressed, and without a word. . Then I put on some street clothes over the top of my lingerie I had never wore sneakers with my stockings before but it made my feet tingle moving around inside the soft sneakers… I jumped in my car and rushed over to Pete's feeling all excited with anticipation.. I tapped on the door one time and went in like I always do there was Pete standing in front of the patio sliding doors in some real nice shorts and a button-up shirt smiling from ear-to-ear it was funny to see this big rugged Man.

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