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Now was the time to talk to Kevin alone.Kevin was busy playing games on his ps3. I simply sat on the sofa and said, “Kevin, I have something importa...t to discuss with you.”“Yeah dad, what is it?” he said not bothering looking at me.“It’s about what I found in your room.” He stopped playing. The game wasn’t paused it was running but his hands were not moving. He didn’t look at me; he was just thinking what to do. After a few seconds he realized he cannot deny the inevitable and he looked at me.. The second was several mice and birds, familiars for many local minor magelings, gathered at the windows edge taking more than a passing interest as well of the events inside the room. Each one of them, both male and female alike kept watching with interest and excitement.Such was his loss.* * * * * *Found within another bedchamber, with another great and fantastically decorated mirror, the being known only as the viewer watched as well.The viewer, known by no other name, or even of what its. ..“You know, with you and Jake...”“Yeah...”“Have you ever...? Oh never mind it’s a stupid question”“What?”“Forget it, I’m just being nosy”“Just say it Jazz...”“Well I was just wondering whether you’d ever wondered what it’s like swinging the other way...” Come on, we’d have been here forever if I hadn’t been direct!“Er...” His lack of denial was reassuring. “But never mind, it’s none of my business”No reply again. Well that worked...Now our kitchen isn’t exactly roomy. So it didn’t take long. By the time he returned, they were well soaked, the leather feeling a little slimy, but that didn’t matter. Donning rubber gloves he carried the leather down to the cellar, stopping in the kitchen to change his clothes. Billy wanted her to see what he was doing to her this time.Each of the things was about the same thickness as a boot lace, and Billy picked up the first and stood directly on front of Heather, feeding one end of the thong between her breasts, under the skewer. As he brushed the.

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