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"Your mother was quitethe klutz, so hopefully you're much more coordinated." I am Nana," giggled Carl at his mother's expense. "She gets hurt justwalk...ng!" Excuse me ladies," said Mable. "Your driver is here and your husband isalready outside." Thanks Mable!" said Darlene, taking one last sip of her coffee beforekissing Carl on the forehead as she grabbed her purse. "Well, I'll trynot falling today while I'm out and you behave for Nana while I'm gone." You're leaving?" said Carl with his mouth. He won’t be able to smell as much.”Nadia’s face is blank as she strokes Vader’s back and shoulders with a hint of sympathy. She struggles to force a smile as she says, “That makes two of us a bit confused ... I’m not sure why I’m here anymore...”Maybe if you take off your jeans he’ll have a better idea of why you’re here, and you might remember too... She remains emotionless as she unzips and pulls off her boots, then stands and unbuttons her jeans. Wriggling them over her hips, down her. I told her she was very pretty and you can imagine how intimidated i felt talking to such an immaculately beautiful girl. she was flattered and told me she was a personal trainer, which was awesome to me because at that time i worked out all the time and was for the most part living a hardcore bodybuilding lifestyle. i later found out she used to be an olympic swimmer. i was just in awe of her at this point. but not only was she incredibly beautiful but she was smart. she was only a year older. The comforter was pulled to the middle of the bed with the pillows haphazardly placed on top in a sort of circle, creating a nice little nest, the perfect size for a small phenidae like her.“Did you enjoy yourself?” I asked, looking down at her as she licked the fur on one of her front paws. I received a happy little yip, but she didn’t stop what she was doing. “Well, how about some more fun? We’re going somewhere today that is unlike anywhere you have ever been.”She stopped her cleaning and.

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