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. I was lonely and hoped she wouldn't run off back to the main house, but would sit and talk with me for awhile.... She sat down in the chair I'd ind...cated and I sat on an old kitchen chair a few feet from her. "You've made this place really very nice and homey, David. Dad would be proud of you!" "I doubt Dad would ever be proud of me," I said. Our father had passed away two years before, at the age of 92. I hoped I would live as long, and be as healthy as he' d been for most of those 92. “Okay, but not they. Only him. If she or anyone else shows up with him; it’s over forever,” I said.“Okay, I’ll tell him, them, they,” she said.“Okay, then, set it up.” I said.“Okay, I’ll go home now. But ... breakfast at my place tomorrow?” she said.“Okay, it’s not that long a drive I guess,” I said, and I smiled and so did she.“No, not that long a drive.” She said.Breakfast was blueberry pancakes; I love pancakes. We’d just finished chomping down.“You’re off today, right?” said Marian.“Yes,. Michael. I'd known him since I was six or seven. We were never serious lovers after that crazy afternoon, but we always kept in touch. Because I was that kind of a girl, we had fucked a few times since then, but I only thought of him in a kind of affectionate way. He had grown up into a boy with a beautiful body, the sexiest ass, but he wasn't super confident. I didn't worry about that, because, as far as he was concerned, I was. I thought he might be the perfect boy to share with Rosalie.. With the rope in hand James took one end and tied a noose, looping the rope over the limb of a tall tree and tying the other end to the back of his truck, he was ready, it was announced over the microphone that Sophie would now entertain the team, she would hang by the neck until dead, hearing this caused Sophie to scream and beg them not to kill her Please! dont do this am I worth more alive for sex then killing me for entertainment. Cheers followed as Sophie begged for her life while being.

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