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Then she got herself comfortable on the stool that was in front of me. With one leg on the floor, and the other sky high in the air, her adorable pin... vagina came to view. It opened slightly, as her legs were quite spread apart. Her body was still shimmering from the oil she had poured all over herself earlier. She continued to suck and lick her pink friend, but with the intent of getting lubricated for the inevitable entry into her warm moist love tunnel.She looked at me and said, "Alex, I. When my son asked if one of his buddies could stay with him, until the disruption caused by his parents' divorce settled down, I saw no problem. I even talked with Tony briefly several times when he answered our phone. He seemed like a nice kid.I met Tony, or "Pony" as his friends call him, when I was able to arrange a long weekend at home last month. He, my son, and some other guys were shooting hoops in our driveway when I arrived. Tony turned out to be a tall, athletically built young black. I wish he does it quick and gentle. He sort of read the defeat from my eyes.He slowly released the hold from my hands and gave me a nice kiss in my mouth.This was the first time,I was ever kissed and I always imagined a handsome hunk doing it,not this ugly old man.We kissed for a long time.It felt like days&hellip,Then he broke off the kiss and then started coming down.he started started kissing my neck and slowly came to my breasts.Due to the cold and due to my excitement,it was standing. Do you still want your fantasy? Are you ready for me to sit on your face while you lick me to orgasm while the other two watch? I love being licked with an audience.”“You are a very exciting woman Sarah,” Nikki whispers as she and Sarah are tongue kissing as she undresses Sarah. All Sarah is wearing are heels, always for sex, a short black silk dress to highlight her glorious thighs and a skimpy, black g-string to showcase her ass cheeks (size-14 on a size-12 body, she likes to remind me).Nick.

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