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It was an easy drive to this volcano. The devastation it had done in 1980 was still apparent even after all of this time. Maura was impressed by what ...he saw and was an interesting conversationalist in repeating bits of information about the area she had read. The perfume she was wearing was pleasant and evident in the car. When Matt glanced at her, he thought she presented a nice picture of a very seductive lady. They went into the visitor's center and looked at some of the photos that were. What did she tell you?" I don't remember. You'll have to ask her."No matter how I tried, I couldn't make her say more about their conversation. When we reached her dorm she turned to confirm our Laundromat appointment, her eyes searching mine. Some instinct told me not to attempt to kiss her. Instead, I removed the glove from my left hand and extended it. She looked at me, quizzically."Wipe the white away," I said and held my breath in anticipation of her reaction.She removed the glove from her. Too late now forsurgery, and I am bald, but if you can accept that and take me as I am,I am all your's. And it feels wonderful. And if its all right with youI really do need to dress in bra and panties from now on. And, at leastwhen we are private, in skirts and dresses and heels and make up. Allthe time and every day. I've waited all my life for this and will notdeny myself any longer." I would not have it any other way. Believe me I know you are allwoman. And although we have been starkers. .."Sirius nodded, staring at the ground. Remus grasped his chin, but Sirius resisted any efforts to have his chin lifted. "I... uh... When I was in Azkaban..." Yes?" Remus spoke quietly."I gave myself when need be. As Padfoot. They never knew who I was, but afterward they'd feed me. They'd feed me, Remus. I gave myself to them so I could survive, and come back to you."Remus nodded, unable to speak. He had often wondered, but hearing the words spoken were something else entirely. Finally, he.

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