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‘Now shut the fuck up and die.’ His fist caught him squarely in the stomach, catapulting him over the edge. Tentacles of pain snaked through him ...nd he crashed onto the ground below, six stories down, his back and legs screaming. Thorne rolled to his knees, only to find himself flying through the air, compliments of Jacob’s foot. The side of the building buckled and sparkling shards of glass rained onto his back. Sammi crept from her hiding spot in the shadows, her eyes focusing on the man. The elf’s tears overflowed at the mention of the guard, reaching her hands up in supplication. “No, please, I’m sorry, my Lady.” She wiped at her tears, succeeding only in smearing the dirt from her hands onto her face. “Please don’t call the guard. They’ll hang me for sure. Please. I’m just trying to take care of my little brother. He’ll die without me. Please.”Like she knew I was a sucker for the argument, Avanna slumped. “You can’t just let her go!” Her tone was outraged.I almost laughed,. Lost in a forest I stumble upon and old haggard witch, mumbling over her cauldron, adding bits and pieces of various things to it. I stood transfixed when she lifted her gaze from the cauldron to my eyes. She instantly captured my mind and I felt myself being pulled almost as if in a tractor beam towards her. She then chained me up and placed me in a cage. I stayed in that cage for most of the night as she continued her incantations above that cauldron. With every ingredient she added the. Starr was interested in refurbishing and reopening the dance hall. Dominic Scalia's bank held the paper on that property. A meeting was arranged for Dominic and Roxanne to discuss plans for the property and possible financial arrangements.Dominic's phone rang, "Mr. Scalia, Ms. Starr your 2:00 appointment is here." Thank you please send her in."Dominic rose from his desk as the outer door of his office opened. In stepped Ms. Roxanne Starr. Dominic caught his breath as he glimpsed Roxanne for the.

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