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”“Baby, you don’t even know how long I have waited. After so long, a few more moments won’t hurt.”Ruth then slowly stripped until she was do...n to just her thong.“Stop right there," whispered Brian. "I want to be the one to take those off……. with my teeth.”Ruth lay beside him on the bed. He gazed longingly at her; his eyes taking in the sight from the top of her head down to her toes.“You are so beautiful Ruth, I never thought I would ever be so lucky to see you like this.”He trailed his. "Anything you want too"She giggled and wrapped her legs around my back,"Just be you Tommy, that's all I want, just be you and promise you'll fuck me for ever" I promise Belinda" I whispered into her mouth,"I'll fuck you for ever"We came together, just like we'd done the night before, her hands gripping me, her voice in my ear urging me on with whispered obscenities."Tommy?"She passed me the joint and lay with her head on my chest, one leg thrown across my groin, I felt my cream oozing out from. I am the caretaker of this place, which you may now call home. You have been brought here as an experiment and a project to see how well you perform in this environment. You will be provided with as many women as you desire; any hair color you choose; any hair length; all very attractive. You can do with them as you like. They will be willing to do whatever you want. Your purpose is to make them pregnant. Together you will raise the c***dren. Do you have any questions?”“You damn right I have. Right.”“You’ll find someone,” Dexter said.“I don’t know. My boss dropped in my office at five and said that I had to give a presentation to a customer Monday morning. It’s going to take me all weekend to put it together. It seems like every week it’s something like that,” the young man said.Dexter pulled out his wallet and removed a business card from it. He handed it to the young man and said, “You might want to visit my website.”The young man looked down at the card. His eyebrows rose. He.

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