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If you don’t give me a break, I’m never gonna get outta here, and then we’ll both be bitchy as hell on the weekend. Is that what you want?” I ...eedled her. “How about we save this discussion for Wednesday? I still have work to do before I can be back there, ya know. But it sure is good to hear your voice; makes me realize just how much I’ve missed you. Better let Byron know that you might be a little late for your Sunday night’s shift, like thirty or forty hours late!”“Don’t tempt me, you cunt. She was wearing a very short style jean jacket that just barely came below her tits, she had on a tight t shirt that again it was obvious that she was not wearing a bra, even from where I was sitting I could see her nipples. She was wearing a very short skirt that did not reach the bottom of her t-shirt so her mid drift was completely exposed. Then skirt again barely covered the bottom of her ass and she was wearing a pretty serious pair of high heeled shoes almost to the degree of stripper. Fuelled by a long ago mentioned tale of her visit to a stripper show where a black guy with an enormous cock had performed in front of baying women, I had used this and other visions to fuel my fantasies. For years I had fantasised of seeing her in a black man’s embrace and often relayed details of scenarios during our lovemaking. Whilst I knew that on some great occasions Elaine had come on my fingers and tongue to the description of her having sex with a well-hung black lover, more often. "It's Katherine with a K," she interrupted."Katherine, I wasn't hired to watch you," Ed started, "Your husband hired me to watch a girl he described as his girl friend. He said that he wanted to check on her before he married her. I knew that that wasn't the case when I saw his wedding band. The girl got involved in a situation with some gang members while I was tailing her and I stopped them from molesting her. Later I found out that your husband and his friends had drugged her and raped her..

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