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“Tell me what you want.” He breathily said into my leg. “I want you to kiss me.” I breathed out.I mouthily breathed against the outside of my ...anties. “Try again.”“I want you to lick me.” I moaned.His fingers tugged down on the fabrics of my underwear.“One more time.”“I want you to lick my pussy!” With one swift motion, he ripped off the fabric swooped his head. Like a dog who needed water, he lapped hurriedly as pushed a pulled against him. “Uhhh-AhHH!” I clenched my fingers into his back,. ”Less than a minute later, Marcia, one of my other bodyguards who often went with one of the women in my circle, appeared from inside the house. She wore a string bikini similar in coverage to Linda’s. Marcia was muscular from her tough workouts and the muscles and sinew showed, right down to the dimples in her glutes. I thought that was especially sexy. Marcia came and kissed me hello, pushing into my body in the nicest of ways. I loved having her as my bodyguard.Marcia had moved onto the. "Marie nodded agreement, and climbed onto the bed. Her legs were slightly parted, and Alex reached for her waistband. She stared intently at his cock, which stood straight out from him. Wondering what it felt like walking around with that thing, she closed her eyes and though about how it would feel going inside her.After pulling off her tights, Alex tossed them on the floor and pressed his face against her leg. He kissed his way up the inside of her knee, past her thigh, and was soon licking. Of course, Mr. Willowbee made a strict rule of never engaging in any such foolishness unless the girl in questions was confirmed to be over the age of eighteen. He was exceedingly careful in that regard because of a recent "bust" in a nearby city of "perverts" with nude photos of underage girls on their computers. In his case, he never accepted any photos of such females because he was far too wise to get caught up in such nonsense.It just so happened on a quiet Friday night, Tess accompanied.

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