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We want it to be the same with you."Rachel said, "I don't think anything you throw at me could be any tougher than what I have already experienced. I ...ill promise to be open and honest with you."Nita said, "Even if we later decide to have custody or to adopt you it will be up to Child Services and a Family Court Judge to decide. They may think they have a better place for you. I just hope they don't want to put you into a strict Christian family. I think that would impede your growth in one. Never mind, because Dave was reacting enough for two men. Whenever I played this game, I could see my light touches and hints of closeness were making his eyes go wide and his face redden slightly. It was hard not to grin, but I just about managed it, keeping up my little game for the last hour of our work.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Dave was as good as his word, and twenty minutes after we’d said goodnight to Chris, my husband was pulling out my chair like a true gent. She was wet. Very wet. I knew it wouldn't be long. She pulled my head deeper into her pussy whilst getting louder and louder. She went silent before all of a sudden, she started to scream my name. Then she went limp. She was done and she was complete. I sat up and looked at her, defeated. She smiled contently. However, this wasn't over. I wanted to be pleased as much as she was. I pulled her up and threw her onto her knees. She looked at me begging for more but her body was still shaking. Could. Intermingling are the scents of my pussy, his sweat, and the white pre-come glistening at the tip of his glans. It’s only the second prick I’ve seen in my life, after my husband’s, and it’s beautiful. Only just a little longer than his, but slightly bigger in girth and with a noticeably bigger head. I wrap the fingers of my right hand around it two or three times. Looking up, I see that Ben seems dumb-struck, speechless, so I just smile, lifting his prick up and holding it flat to his belly.

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