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. um... is he special to you?"Miranda laughed. "I tried to throw my hook in that pond but he wasn't interested. I never did figure out why not. We're ...ust friends. I cook for him and he gives me a place to stay while I go to school. I graduate next spring but he said I could stay for a while if I want. I can't imagine leaving him. He's so sad all the time." What do I do to keep from becoming just friends with him?"Miranda laughed again, an altogether pleasant sound and Laurie found herself. He liked that. Rubbing it again, he stepped back and reached into the bag once again.She saw the paddle as he raised it out of the bag.Daddy, please, no. I am sorry. Please let me up.He ignored these pleas for mercy as he stood to one side of her. Now, little girl, answer me. Why did you have no panties on under your skirt when you went out?Daddy, I did have panties on, they just got really uncomfortable and I slipped them off.Not really believing her, he asked another question. Little girl, is. So I told him about what Shiori and I do up here in my room. I listened to him intently as he continued to tell his tale. Eric has always bragged that he has kissed a girl before, and he would tease me about it. So when I told him about Shiori, I figured it would shut him up. he said as he looked to me for some kind of understanding. Did it? I asked out of stupid curiosity. Yes it did. For a while. he added with a somewhat dejected look on his face. But then he wanted proof that Shiori and I. I completely somehow did not see that coming. I mean, my mom hadn't even had one serious relationship since my dad and now she was getting hitched to Jeanette, but I couldn't help but be happy for them honestly. So I made sure to give them both big hugs.“So are you happy for us?” Christina asked me.“Yes of course I'm mom. You are marrying my best friend and you are really happy with her, so how could I not be happy for you two?” I asked.I was still a little overwhelmed truth be told, but still.

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