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As I kissed down your stomach, my hair tickled your sides making you twitch as I leave a trail of kissed across your stomach and back again. Your han...s had moved to my shoulder by this point and was softly trying to push me farther down on you. You finally got the hint that every time you pushed me down towards your rock hard cock, I would move back up. Seeing that you couldn’t take much more of this, I finally went all the way down on you. You gasped at the well-deserved pleasure that I was. A car horn sounded from the street and Anna, roused, glanced at her watch."Erm, Mattie," she said, grimacing."What? Is it late?"Without waiting for the answer, Matilda scrambled off the bed, scattering pillows in her haste. She grabbed her pink towel and wrapped it around her waist, then, stamping her foot, quickly whipped it off again."What am I doing?" she said, looking exasperated. "Here," she threw the towel towards Anna, "can you bin this for me, or keep it? I can't take a wet towel with. “Has she ever sucked you?” she asked hesitantly, and before I could reply she said, “No, of course not. I haven’t done it much either, as it happens. It wasn’t so common in my day.”Unzipping my jeans and pulling them and my underpants down, she sat me on the edge of the bed, before taking off her top and bra but leaving her skirt on. She looked fantastic, half-dressed and up to no good, her beautiful tits on display for my pleasure. I leaned back to enjoy the show as she knelt in front of me,. I didn’t mean to keep it from you for this long.’ ‘Why’d you feel the need to keep it from me at all?’ Carter shrugged and looked away. Drew waited but Carter remained silent. ‘Come on, Carter, tell me why you were lying. You made Mina lie to me too.’ Carter shot to his feet and pointed a finger at him. ‘Don’t do that. Don’t make this out to be something else. I asked Mina not to say anything. This has nothing to do with her. And anyway, she’d never do anything to hurt you.’ Drew grimaced at.

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