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" and then the bastard tried to start flirting with Lucilla after they had tended to me. From that day on I just tried my best to avoid trouble and wh...te people always. Some of you may ask why I never pursued the matter but I was just happy to be alive and both officers had shown up and threatened me and my family were anything more to come of the matter. Lucilla and I continued to see each other after I recovered and we married one another after we finished college. I got a degree in business. She turned around and I thought she was going to go back to the truck and leave but to my surprise she said If you wanted to see all you had to was ask! She then hitched up her skirt and I saw it that firm white ass that said eat me fuck me, I felt myself go hard my dick was throbbing god I was scared it was going to be like the chest buster from alien but with my dick spraying cum all over the place.as I stood up she saw it I think she sensed it she walked over I didn’t know that to do I was. It feels good to be fit, it's just...”“What?” Dawn asked as she listened intently.“I don't like how people treat you differently when you're pretty. You understand Dawn, you must be used to people talking down to you because they think you're nothing but a pretty face.”“You really think I'm pretty?” she asked wide-eyed.“Well, yeah. Of course you're pretty.”“Thank you so much, Lindsey! I was fishing shamelessly, but it's nice hear every once in a while. But yes, I do understand where you are. Where close friends and their mutual friends met up at my place, and I was supposed to hook up with this girl, courtesy of my friend, who wanted to help me get laid. We started the night with Rum and games, and suddenly, we wanted to party, so away we went and partied. One shot after another, and one song after another, I couldn’t stop looking at the girl I was to hook up with. Oh, she was amazing, and even she didn’t hold back on the flirting, at all.Now, I’m a tall chubby 22 year old guy, and.

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