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6 months after this, Emilia andDerek had Jane quit her job as a secretary, to come be a full-time maid.Tracy and Cheryl were sad to see her leave but ...egularly visited Emilia'sfor catch ups where Jane waited on them hand and foot.At this point, a year into the marriage, Jane thought that there wasn'tany way her miserable life could get any worse, but she found out thatEmilia regularly had ways to humiliate and emasculate Jane. For example,a high school reunion was organised and of course, Jane. Her gaze followed its length down to the large round orbs hanging underneath, they were very large and smooth, much the same size as a grapefruit. She raised her hand and let her fingertips caress his inner thigh, moving upwards to the smooth balls, tracing their shape and moving onto the thick rod of the android's penis - it seemed to be made of the same rubbery material as his torso and was hard yet springy. The android sat down next to her on the bed and placed one of his large hands on her. Maine pucha ki kha lgi aur mai kya kar sakta hu. Usne apna pant khola aur apna mota lund nikal k dikhaya aur kaha ki use usme dad ho raha h aur mai hi uski madad kar sakta hu.Mai pehle to sharmaya lekin uske baar baar kehne par uska lund haath me le kar sahlane laga. Mai uske mote aur lambe lund ko dekhkar surprised tha.Mera lund uske samne kafi chota tha. Mere sahlane se uska lund kafi tight aur bada ho gya. Maine pucha ki ye kya ho raha h.To usne pucha ki tu chudai k bare me kitna janta. .. I..." he stammered.Mandy's eyes crinkled with laughter again. "No, silly," she said, glancing down. "Although I'm flattered, I'm sure. My breasts are full of milk, for the colony. I made myself lactate so we could feed your people."Christianson sputtered. "What? Why?"Charlotte answered, "Like she said, we got your distress call and we wanted to help." We thought you were bringing us food rations," Christianson said."Sorry," Mandy said. "We don't have any. But we're couriers, and we were in.

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